Iron Roof Repairs

Iron Roof Repairs

The breakdown of the surface of an iron roof is evident through the appearance of rust.

Rust can often erode large areas of the iron without being noticed. The reason is that rusting can take place underneath the paint surface leaving only a small area visible to the naked eye.

A rusty roof will soon degrade to the point where water is allowed to leak into the roof cavity. This in turn can wet the supporting timbers and cause them to rot. In extreme cases this results in roof sag, which further damages other parts of the roof. The damage is unsightly and expensive to repair.

Water leaking into the roof will destroy the insulation and cause stain damage on the ceiling panels. Remedial action at this stage is costly and if caused by general neglect and breakdown will not necessarily be covered by your insurance.

The Roof Plus paint system (by Aalto Paints) and restoration programme will restore the weather proofing capabilities of your roofing iron, improving its appearance and enhancing the value of your property for many years.

Note: All rust and corrosion cannot be detected. Therefore a materials warranty may not be applicable to some roofs.