Roof Painting

Roof restoration (roof painting) is one of the most important parts of house maintenance, as it is the most exposed part of the building protecting your home contents from the elements.

A roof on most homes is a very visual part that does have an impact on the style, so not only is the roof getting maintained its also going to bring a new/revived look to your home.

All roofs need to be repaired, painted and/or resurfaced every 15/20 years to get the best performance and lifespan from your roof.

We specialise in Iron, Concrete and Decramastic roof restoration.

Each roof will require a different repair and coating system.

If the roof upon quoting seems to be too far gone, or will not last more than 10yrs, we will offer other solutions.

Each roof comes with workmanship warranties and a minimum 10year paint warranty.

We are licensed roofers and all our team are Height and Safety ticketed.

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